We're really proud of our welcoming and friendly community here at 3rd Space Gaming.

Here's some of the ways our community gets together:


Discord is where it's all happening. It's a great way to keep in touch and chat and arrange online games. Whether you just want to chat using text or fancy getting involved in a video chat, it can all be done through Discord.

Download the mobile app or open it up on your browser and then use this link.


Twitch is where you'll find Jonno streaming whilst he paints or plays games like ARK or Sea of Thieves! Click here to follow Jonno's Twitch streams.


Youtube is the place for painting tutorials and other videos to help you in your hobby. View our YouTube channel here.


Instagram is all about photos. You'll see photos of what we're painting, new products, anything that gets us excited :) Follow us here.

Facebook & Facebook Group

Follow us on Facebook and our Facebook Group for updates, new products and weekly update videos too!


Become a Star Player

Help to support the store by taking out a Star Player membership, you'll be helping pay the rent to ensure we can still offer a play space once the world settles down and you'll get 10% off your purchases and access to our online gaming servers too. You can read the full details and sign up here.