If you've ever tried to organise a group of friends to play games you'll know how hard it can be. There's all sorts of reasons why people might not take you up on an offer to play a game from schedules not meeting up to just not wanting to commit to something. But sometimes it can be how you present your offer. Our brains are weird and we make all sorts of assumptions without realising that our brain shortcuts to "nope". These few tips should help at least increase your chances of getting those games arranged.


Get yourself on our Discord server.
Here you can join in the conversations about everything gaming, ask us questions directly & stay in the loop with all the cool stuff that's going on. We also have dedicated channels for our members to arrange games.


Make yourself known
First tip for getting games is to be active in the conversations. People don't always want to play with someone they don't know, especially if they could be playing for a few hours. Get involved & be part of the chatter. If people "know" you on our discord server they are much more likely to play games.


Be clear
Be clear about what you want to play and how... The vast majority of our community really want a good excuse to have a natter and a brew with the added bonus of playing something and therefore they don't tend to be as fussed about playing competitive lists. Don't get me wrong, we all want to play a good game and there are times when intense, competitive games are exactly what's wanted. Just be clear of your intentions from the start and everyone will know what to expect.


Save the date

Set a time and date or at least be clear about when you can play. Don't be too vague though, that will lead to people not being sure and the easiest thing to default to then is "no". At the time of posting this we currently have Saturdays and sundays available for gaming, so, for example "Does anyone want to play a casual, 1500 point 40k game on Saturday? I can do anytime between 4pm-8pm." or "I've tweaked my competitive army list and want to test it out, anyone free sunday 12pm -4pm?"

When it comes to things like boardgames if you already have a game in mind then let people know:

  • How many people can play. 
  • What's the expected play time.
  • Is it suitable for new players?
  • Do you already know how to play? Or are you looking to learn with the help of others?

A lot of this information is available on the games' box.

Possibly even post a link to a how to play video or article on why the game is so great! As above, give a time you are available.

Don't post the morning of if you can help it and don't be scared to post again to remind people. People need time to plan but then can also


Dont be disappointed if no one replies. It happens. People forget. They don't know you yet. They aren't available at those times. Or, quite simply, they just didn't see your message! Check if your post was clear and offered the information above. Try again for next time you are free.


After the game 
Take photos and post about the game after. I don't mean photos of your opponent(s) nor do i mean write a 500 word essay. But one photo of the game set up with a "Had a great game of X today, finally figured out how X models work together." Or "That tactic is a really good way to get a good score ".
Ths does multiple things:
  • Reminds people there was a game on offer (and possibly triggers some FOMO).
  • It shows that whatever game you were playing looked great.
  • It gives you another "This person seems fun to play games with." boost for the next time you create a looking for game post. (I know we aren't here to impress others but our brains are strange and if you're a stranger you're a bit less scary if someone else can vouch for you being ok).


These aren't set rules but it'll certainly help to keep these points in mind when creating your next Looking For Games post.


You'll need a Star Player Membership to use our play space, you can read all about that here - https://www.3rdspacegaming.co.uk/pages/become-a-3rd-space-star-player