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Here's the problem - Games Workshop and others, are producing minis that I really, really want faster than I am painting them. The pile of shame grows ever larger, but it isn't stopping me adding to it! Off the top of my head I have

  • 3D prints (unfinished)
  • Adeptus Mechanicus (unfinished)
  • Space Marines (unfinished)
  • Cities of Sigmar (unfinished)
  • Stormcast, 2 varieties (unfinished)
  • Adeptus Titanicus (unfinished)
  • Black Sails and Dropfleet Commander fleets (unfinished)
  • Eldar and Imperial Guard from 1994.... (unfinished)... 

Actually listing them is making me feel pretty bad, and I bet I've forgotten some and there's a lot I haven't even started!

I don't want to add to my guilt, but... I really do want these fantastic models from Dominion!

How do I break this cycle?

Is it possible to have (for the first time I think) a fully painted army?
How do I solve this problem? Here are some thoughts...

Don't use GWs paint system, it's not aimed at me.

I have years of experience behind me. GW's system is excellent for a novice painter and even for some speedy painting. But I reckon those years of experience can help me cut a lot of the right corners!

Begin with the end in mind

I am painting an army and I want it to look good as a complete thing on the tabletop. This is not a competition. No one is going to be scrutinising these from 3 inches away (well you might, but I'm not thinking about you!)

Use as many speed painting techniques as you can!

There are loads of speed painting techniques. These are the ones I'll be using.

  • Get inspired! Look at lots of colour ideas and artwork
  • Pre-plan using shapes and colours. Work out the most efficient order things need to happen in.
  • Set a time limit. Having a time limit will stop the job spreading to fill all the time available.
  • Rattle can undercoat. Rattlecans are great. fast, effective and less clean up.
  • Airbrush zenithal. Fast contrast and volumes.
  • Airbrush Base colours (minimal palette). Fast quick coverage.
  • Contrast paint colour blocking.
  • Enamel or oil wash.
  • Pickout some details.

That's the plan.

I honestly think I can have these done really really quickly to a standard I can be really happy with.

Here we go!


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Rhett Pomfret

Rhett Pomfret

So true. I’m all about rattle cans and love the gw ones for my space marine army. Ultramarine blue (not the correct name) dry brush. Detail. Base and done! I aim for a full 10 man squad per week.
I use the same technique where I can for my bolt action stuff.

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