Hobby Blog 005 - Path to Glory - What is it?

I've always preferred narrative play in my games. I love a good story! I can remember to this very day the name of my Delaque ganger who, back in 1994, missed an easy 2+ shot to save his gang leader from certain death. Then, when I rolled to see who became the new gang leader, guess who came up trumps? Pockets was the name of that ganger, because of the sawn-off shotgun in his pocket.... he was a bad dude.... I can't remember even who won a salty game of 40K that I might have played last week but Pockets lives on 30 years later!

So, when it comes to adding story into wargaming it's fair to say I'm all for it! With the new version of Age of Sigmar just arrived, it's the perfect time to explore AoS narrrative play and in particular, the Path to Glory!

So what is Path to Glory?

It's a way of playing games where your force grows and develops and each miniature carves their mark on history! The focus is on creating and telling the story of your army, not just lining up and rolling dice till someone wins.

Each army starts with a domain of territories under it's control that might, if the gods are kind, grow into a mighty empire! (Oh Mighty Empires... you were so promising and yet so unwieldy! I wanted to love you, but those games always got bogged down till we all stopped...) You choose quests for your army to embark on and capture artefacts of power and other cool things!

Older campaign systems I've played (see Mighty Empires above) often got tied up in their own rules meaning they stall and die. Path to Glory gets around that with some clever rules meaning every game you play can become part of the story!

I'm starting a Path to Glory force soon to play in the workshop, so I thought I'd share the things I need to consider.

Choose Faction and Realm

Choose Starting Size and Territories

Order of Battle

Core Enhancements

Pick My First Quest.

I'll fill out the details in a future update!

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