Hobby Blog 003 - Speed Painting, does it work?

Update on the Orruk speed painting.
Remember this is for all the Orruk models in the Dominion box, 38 models.

Using the thoughts from my earlier post I decided to use something pretty close to the scheme used by the GW studio. I did this for a few reasons,

  • It looks great
  • It looked fairly straightforward, with a limited colour palette
  • I didn't have to spend any time making a scheme that "works". That's already been done for me.
  • I have the paints already

I spent some time looking at the photos from the studio and Marco Frisoni's painting of the models. That research gave me a plan that meant I could paint the minis with the fewest possible steps. By steps I'm including things like changing paint, changing brush or changing models. All those elements really add up the amount of work that's needed without giving anything in return. 

I decided to use ink to create the zenithal highlight over a Chaos Black undercoat spray and immediately hit a problem. The airbrush was spitting and giving me tiny white dots. Deep clean of the airbrush and some Golden High Flow acrylic white over the top tidied that up.

Time Stamp

Undercoat - 10 minutes

Zenithal Highlight - 40 minutes

Total - 50 minutes

With the values created (the top highlights and deep shadows) I switched to airbrushing the first colour. I used Plaguebearer Flesh Contrast paint as a base for the skin of the orruks, and then sprayed it only from below on the Hobgrots to give me a shadow that would chromatically link them to the orruks.

Then I finished the hobgrot skin base with an airbrushed Contrast Skeleton Horde from the top.
I could have used the colours with a brush but I'm wanting to make as much time up as I can here which is why I chose the airbrush. It saved me about an hour by my reckoning.

I chose to do the skin first so that I could work up to the edge of the surrounding details, clothing, armour etc. I very often find it easier to avoid over painting what I've already painted by working from the inside layers out.

Time Stamp

Skin base colours - 25 minutes

Total 1hr 15m

Airbrushing done and we're onto colour blocking.
Contrast paints are brilliant here for speed of application and effect for very little brush time. In one pass I'm getting a shadow, a layer and some highlight. It's unbelievably efficient.

For fun I did the shields first. I just wanted to feel excited by that vibrant red. Contrast Flesh Tearer Red. (20 mins). Then all the leather (there is a lot of leather!) in various browns, Snakebite Leather, Gore Grunta Fur just patchy wherever felt right (90 mins) then a dark base for the metals. Black Templar for the steel and Wyldwood for the brassy colours, (90 mins).

Time Stamp

Total 4hrs 35m

Four and a half hours in and honestly most of these minis would pass muster on the battlefield, they just need their bases painting (and the Base Ready range from Geek Gaming Scenics or Citadel texture paints will smash those out). That is a great result! Very encouraging.

A quick application of base metal colours over that and we're almost ready for the next big change in the standard process.... oil paints....

Things I've learned so far. Some I knew, but didn't really know, you know?

  • Models with paint on (no matter how slapdash) look better than grey plastic.
  • It isn't necessary to be 100% precise with colour (for example a leather strap next to skin). Near enough is good enough for army painting.
  • Models en masse make almost any mistake forgivable
  • It's still really tempting to think "I'll just spend a bit more time on..." - it's a trap!
  • You can speed paint an army pretty easily.
  • Speed painting is more about mindset than skillset.

I'll update the progress with the oil paints next!

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