Hobby Blog 004 - To Infinity....

Infinity has been on my radar for a really long time. For various reasons I never got to try it until recently.

When the new version was released it seemed like a great time to jump in. So I got myself a copy of Operation Kaldstrom but I still didn't get to play because of Covid.

A quick interlude about the versions of Infinity.

You can play two flavours of Infinity N4 and CodeOne. N4 is the latest, full version of the game. It has a ton of minis, various weird and wonderful special rules and it seems like about 5,000 factions!
CodeOne is a trimmed down version that has all of the taste but fewer calories. I mean it has less factions to deal with, fewer special rules to learn and therefore is an easier entry point.
Operation Kaldstrom is a CodeOne product.
You can play anything that is on CodeOne in N4, but not everything in N4 has the trimmed down rules for CodeOne. Got it? Good.

I got to play for the first time last week. Here's the TL;DR - I loved it!

First impressions

The game immediately feels more tactical. Decisions feel weighty and I feel like there are going to be elements I don't even know about yet.

Remember I'm still learning, but to give you a rough idea how things work -

  • Each active unit creates an order. A unit is usually a single figure.
  • Each order allows two actions (move, move; move, shoot; move, melee; etc). Each unit can use one, none, all or however many orders are unused in a turn, you decide how to spend them.
  • When a unit takes an action in the line of sight of an enemy, the enemy gets to take an Automatic Reaction Order (ARO). So they can shoot, dodge, melee.

So an activation might go like this...
Model activates and moves towards the enemy (to get a shot). As they enter the enemy LoS. the enemy declares a 'shoot' ARO. Active player declares their second action (shoot, dodge, etc). Resolve. 
Just this little bit of rule structure creates a very different experience to Warhammer. Here are some of the things I noticed.

  • AROs mean everything has a consequence.
  • 3 turns is misleading because you sort of get half a turn in opponents turn.
  • Things die fast!
  • The resolution maths is harder to anticipate, there are more factors in play.
  • Feels really cinematic, rapid action.
  • Every choice feels consequential (deployment, force composition, actions)
  • Push your luck mechanic. How long do you keep burning orders on one failing action before you move to the plan B?
  • Rules feel tricky, but once you start playing they become clearer.
  • In fact I felt like I was getting the grasp of it pretty fast and maybe I had overestimated the complexity of the game...until I looked at N4!
  • Feel super motivated to paint the minis now I know how cool they are!
  • If I had to give you a flavour, think X-Com not 40K

Now have to get these painted ready for Crimson Stone's release


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