Basing miniatures - the quick and easy method!

Whether you find basing miniatures an exciting part of putting your army together or you see it as a really annoying job that needs doing, here's my way of getting my minis table ready in a matter of minutes.

Base midway through painting

I like to base my miniatures part way through the painting process as it makes them look much closer to finished and I get less obsessed with needing to make them look perfect before basing them!

 Splodge some colours on that boring plastic!

What to use

I absolutely love the Geek Gaming Scenics Basing mediums. They have a great mixture of texture, rocks, grassy bits, sand etc. It's super quick and super easy (barely an inconvenience) to get those bases covered. And there's a variety of options to suit the environment you want to create.

I also really like the Pro Acryl paints, they come in dropper bottles, already have an agitator in there and are great colours with fantastic coverage. 

 Use a pot to making dipping easier.

How I do it

  1. I like to base my miniatures midway through painting. So they've already got some primer on them but I like to add a bit of extra colour incase I miss any areas when gluing. With these Stormcast Eternals I've gone for a mixture of Pro Acryl Dark Umber, Pro Acryl Light Umber and Citadel Castellan Green splodges. I've not been careful or pretty about it, this step isn't really going to be seen, it's just a back up in case any base peeks through.
  2. Grab an old tatty brush and splodge some of the Fast Drying Basing Glue onto a bit of plastic, your palette, whatever, it makes it easier to get it onto your brush and then onto your bases. Paint it all over your base, try not to get it all up your model though!
  3. Dip or coat your base in the basing medium. As you can see I had decanted some from the bag into a small plastic pot I had laying around. I sort of dipped my miniature in, shook it about a bit, then gently tapped the hand holding the miniature to allow some of the excess to drop off.
  4. Leave your model to dry and repeat the process with the rest. Paint the rims and voilà! Your miniatures are based and actually, probably look table ready even though they're only halfway through their paint job.
 Table ready minis!

Tips and Tricks

Adding colour to your bases first just means that if you miss a spot whilst applying glue, or knock some of the basing medium off later, you won't have that black plastic showing through and it'll blend with everything else much more easily, you probably won't even notice anything missing!

When I popped some glue onto my palette (ok, it wasn't a palette but a piece of greaseproof paper) I actually put it on top of the 3 colours I'd used to paint the bases with, this mixed with the glue and is just another way to help cover up the plastic base.

I also like to do this job over a large piece of paper, it doesn't have to be greaseproof, it just means when you're done you can pick the paper up and pour any excess medium back into it's container - there's no point wasting perfectly good basing medium!

Tapping your hand rather than the model itself gives you a bit more control and you won't end up with too much falling off if you are a tad rough (I learnt this from back in my baking days covering cake pops! I love it when tips from one hobby helps another).

Use an old brush or even a stick to apply the glue. DON'T go using your 000 sable brush!

Decanting your medium into a bowl can just make life a bit easier. It's probably even a good idea to decant it into a sealable tub when you first get it so its easier to store.

I like to run a finger around the edge of the base before leaving the model to dry, it just helps get the excess off and makes painting the rim much easier later on!

 Yes, I like to paint in my comfy, fluffy PJs!

Links to products used

Dark Umber

Light Umber

Castellan Green 

Fast Drying Basing Glue 

Arid Grasslands Basing Medium 

Did you find this useful? Have you used these basing mediums before? If so, which is your favourite? Let us know on the socials!
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