Feb '22 - Kathryn's "What am I painting and playing"

Painting & Miniatures

Watching all these games being played in our members playspace has got me excited about my Sylvaneth again. I've got my Battletome off the shelf to re-read and I've got the paints out too! I have a few unpainted minis that need some love but I'm also going back to brighten up some of the leaves with that gorgeous green from Pro Acryl!

Arkham Horror

I've also been playing through an Arkham Horror The Card Game campaign with a small group.

As is the way of the Mythos, It's not going well, we all start every game with some damage and a reminder that we've failed a few  of the previous tasks! It's such a great game, we even put on an Arkham Horror playlist to give ourselves even more immersion! I have a few experience points so I am going to have a look at what improvements I can make to my deck, I'm playing Jenny who is pretty even across the board stats wise but she has some kick ass cards in her repertoire, I need to get some more of them in.



So, that's my plan for this month, finish painting my Sylvaneth models and brush up on some rules so I can get playing.


What are you playing and painting this month? Let us know over in the Discord server. 

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