Dogs & cats are going to be all over Core Set 2021!

Have you seen the Buy-A-Box promo yet? You can get your hands on this fantastic promo card by preordering a Core Set 2021 Booster Box


Anyway, back to the point of this post:

When you preorder a Core Set 2021 product don't forget to fill out our quick google form which asks "dogs or cats?". We'll keep a track of the responses.

Then, in late June, we'll receive two sets of codes—one for dog fans, one for cat fans. We will then send those codes out according to your preference, at which point you can unlock either a dog or cat sleeve in MTG Arena.

Meanwhile, once players begin redeeming codes, Wizards of The Coast will keep a running tally of dogs vs. cats, and announce the results in July.


There's a product for everyone in Core Set 2021. Take a look here.


This promotion runs for preorders & 3 weeks of release - one code per customer, per week.

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