Covid-19 Update and FAQs

Here we'll put details regarding delivery times, events etc to keep you up to date with how we're currently operating. 

Can I collect my order from the store?

Yes. We are now open Saturdays 12pm-4pm so you can collect your orders.

When you come to the store things are set up a little different than what you might be used to.

 How can I help and support my favourite gaming store?

The reality is that even though we are closed we still have bills to pay - rent, wages, utilities etc. Below are some ways you can help support us and ensure we can reopen again when life settles down.
  1. Become a Star Player - becoming a Star Player right now will help more than ever, it's a recurring monthly membership that gets you access to game servers and discounts whilst we're closed and benefits when we reopen too.
  2. Purchase gift cards - buying gift cards means you're helping us out even if you don't need anything just yet. (gift cards are not a physical product, you'll receive an email with a code once you complete checkout. Hang onto this code, you'll need to enter it at checkout when you want to redeem the gift card)
  3. Preorder products - right now we're not going to be ordering in products for stock as we don't have an open shop to sell them in, so if there is a product releasing soon that you know you want then make sure to preorder it.
  4. Join us on Discord - chat, play games and be the first to know of any new online happenings that we're running whilst the store is closed.
  5. Buy Merch - We've set up a Teespring store with our Nerd! shifts, hoodies & mugs. These items are all supplied directly by Teespring (so any order, shipping or customer service enquiries will go through them) but we get a cut from each product you purchase :)
  6. Get 10% off RPGs - check out this Blog post for details on how you can get 10% off Modiphius RPGs and still help us out :)


If you need to get in touch or ask a question you can email us at, reach us in the ask-jonno--kathryn Discord channel or on our Facebook Page 




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