So what's going on Jonno?!

TL:DR - We've moved. Now we're shop online. Star Players still get to play.

It's been a heck of a month (or two?) but we're now out of the old Burnley location and in our new space in Crawshawbooth.
For some of you this might be the first time hearing about this (honestly, where have you been!?) so here's a quick rundown.

We're no longer a retail store where you might walk in off the street. Covid, yadda yadda, tough decisions etc etc. Basically we're now an online retailer but we kept the best bit of the old system - Game space!

The space we have is big enough for us to run the business and for our Star Players to come and play. We didn't want to lose the contact we had and the friendships we've formed, so we took a bigger space just for the tables!

There are still some Covid related challenges of course, but now that we're settled into the space we're going to be opening up for gaming (just for Star Players, you lucky things!)

For now, we have Saturdays and Sundays 12:00 to 20:00, we'll be adding Fridays in too as we get going.
Please book with us so we know how many are planning to come down so we can keep everyone safe. 

The absolute best place to get information right now is on Discord, click here for your invite. We've set it up so it's very notification lite (unless you switch everything on!) but it really is the most direct way to organise and speak to us, and I'm sure you might have questions.

Alright, dust off your minis, sleeve up your decks and practice your nat 20's, Star Player gaming is back on the menu!