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Marksmen of Death - Longbowman I
Lotus StoicLotus Stoic
Lotus Stoic
Crawling Death IICrawling Death II
The Dragon LordThe Dragon Lord
Crawling DeathCrawling Death
Red Thrall DefenderRed Thrall Defender
Deathless ReaperDeathless Reaper
Deathless SlasherDeathless Slasher
Lotus SlashingLotus Slashing
Legion of Death IIILegion of Death III
Legion of Death IILegion of Death II
Marksmen of Death - Crossbowman I
The Reanimation MasterThe Reanimation Master
Deathless SummonerDeathless Summoner
Lifeless Dead, UprightLifeless Dead, Upright
Red Thrall AssassinRed Thrall Assassin
Legion of Death ILegion of Death I
Hunter OathenshardHunter Oathenshard
Lotus PiercingLotus Piercing
Red Thrall CommanderRed Thrall Commander
The Deathless EmissaryThe Deathless Emissary
Lifeless Dead Half OutLifeless Dead Half Out
Deathless HarvesterDeathless Harvester
Marksmen of Death - Crossbowman II

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