3D Printing

As a Star Player you have access to a 3D Printer to print your 3D modelling projects. The good news is - you don’t have to spend hours ruining prints and getting resin everywhere because I’ve done that for you!
The costs to you are nominal. Basically £1 per hour of printing. That cost is to stop any one person hogging the printer all the time!

What do you need to do?

Find a 3D model you want printing, or if you’re very fancy design your own. There are loads of free models on websites like thingiverse.com and some very nice models that you might need to pay for elsewhere. You’ll know it’s a 3D object if the file is an .stl file, but do some checking before you part with your cash. I can help if you want me to check it.
Once you’ve found the model, send the file to me. I’ll work out how long it will take to print and let you know the cost.

That’s it! I’ll do all the work and you get your model.

A couple of things to note -
The printer we have is a resin printer so it’s brilliant for detail and miniatures, but it doesn’t do huge items like big scenery pieces.

Don’t ask me to print things that we sell (it wouldn’t be practical or ethical in all honesty) or to break copyright on stuff.

- Jonno